Fuel your campaigns with precise audience targeting

Mailchimp’s audience segmentation tools turn data into insights, so you can reach the right customers at the right moment—with the right messaging.

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An e-commerce email using Mailchimp segmentation to target previous customers who are likely to purchase again.

Put your audience at the heart of your marketing

Visitors being grouped into segments, like “Subscribed” and “Business owner”, and audience tags, like “Shopify Customers”.

Organize data however you need it

With all your contact data in one place, it’s easy to use Mailchimp’s segmentation tools to find exactly who you need to talk to. Segments and tags work together to help you create your own organizational structure and keep track of everything you learn about contacts as you scale.

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Discover what your customers like, and show it to them

Import your existing customer behavioral data from integrations like Salesforce and Shopify. Then, run personalized campaigns that show your audience what best matches their interests. 

Explore behavioral targeting

A personalized email and social campaign using Shopify behavior tags like “Instagram Ads” and “Follow Trends”.
A Mailchimp customer profile card, showing their name as well as relevant segments like “Repeat Buyer” and “VIP Member”.

Get insights about how to talk to your audience

Mailchimp makes it easy to gain holistic insights about your audience –from a bird’s eye view to an individual level. Our growth, engagement, and revenue reports will help you discover patterns in audience behavior and see what’s working with your marketing. 

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An onboarding specialist is available during the first 90 days to help you get started with confidence—it’s already included with Standard and Premium plans.*

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Reach the right customers at the right time

Increase engagement tools that help you segment your subscribers

Mailchimp’s email platform predicts which customers are more likely to purchase again and spend more over time, helping businesses see up to 88% more revenue.*

Explore predictive segmentation

Mailchimp’s Predictive Segmentation feature automatically grouping customers by how likely they are to buy from you again.
Customer profiles created in Mailchimp using data from e-commerce integrations like Square, WooCommerce, and Squarespace.

Discover new ways to keep customers engaged

Connect your store and take advantage of data-driven e-commerce features to help you understand your audience, increase purchases, and create lasting customer relationships.

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“Mailchimp lets us really dig deep when it comes to tag-based segmentation, testing new email templates, and reaching our audience in strategic ways.”

Ric Leichtung, AdHoc Presents Co-founder

93%Audience growth

26%More opens with tag-based campaigns

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